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Bruce Zhu
Bruce Zhu

Marketing & Legal Assistant

Marketing Department

020 3923 9188 Ext.312

London, UK

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Bruce Zhu

The entire team, especially Mr. Bruce Zhu, is friendly, patient, knowledgeable, and efficient. Bruce has excellent client care skills, ensuring all our concerns were addressed with utmost professionalism. We are grateful for him and his team's professional help. We will definitely use their services again in the future.

Individual Client 2023

Mr. Bruce Zhu is a dedicated Marketing & Legal Assistant aspiring to become a solicitor in the UK, with a vision to build a Chinese legal team.

Bruce's educational and work experience in the Netherlands and the UK has endowed him with rich cross-cultural communication skills and keen legal insight. With a strong background in international law, EU law, and capital markets law, he offers unique perspectives and effective solutions for cross-border transactions, corporate mergers and acquisitions, and financial compliance.

Throughout his involvement in significant legal projects, Bruce has demonstrated exceptional analytical abilities and leadership. In complex private equity financing and corporate M&A projects, he not only meticulously analyses and resolves legal issues but also efficiently coordinates the interests of all parties to ensure smooth project execution. His internships and work experiences in the Netherlands and the UK have provided him with a solid foundation for handling international trade disputes, real estate law cases, and corporate legal matters.

In addition, Bruce has exhibited strong academic prowess and a profound understanding of the law during his legal education. During his time at UCL Faculty of Laws, he achieved outstanding academic results and excelled in courses on financial law and corporate mergers and acquisitions. Currently, he is further strengthening his knowledge and practical skills in the British legal system by pursuing PGDL and SQE programs at BPP University Law School.

Bruce excels not only academically but also in practical legal operations. At Asden Law Firm, Bruce's excellent communication skills and market insights have actively expanded the firm's influence in the Chinese market and forged strong relationships with key clients. He has shown remarkable flexibility and professional capability in handling complex cross-border legal matters and navigating a dynamic business environment.

Bruce's outstanding performance and extensive legal background make him an indispensable member of the Asden Law Firm team. His international perspective, profound legal knowledge, and rich practical experience enable him to provide innovative and efficient solutions to complex legal problems, maximising value for clients

Education & Qualifications

LL.M SQE Solicitors, BBP University Law School, UK

LL.M University College London (UCL), UK

LL.B The Hague University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands


Practice areas


Legal Assistant

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020 3923 9188

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