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Wills & Probate

Safeguarding your legacy or navigating the legal processes post-loss can be intricate. At Alstern Solicitors, we blend compassionate guidance with expert knowledge to facilitate your journey through the complexities of wills and probate.

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Wills & Probate

Your Legacy, Our Commitment

At Alstern Solicitors, we recognise the profound importance of preparing for the future. Our will and probate services are designed to turn your decisions into clear legal directives, avoiding ambiguity and potential disagreements down the line.

Crafting a will or navigating through probate isn’t merely about asset allocation; it's a proactive step, a promise to loved ones, ensuring clarity and minimizing disputes. It serves as a legally-binding roadmap for how one's assets and wishes will be managed and executed, preventing potential pitfalls and family disagreements.

Our services 

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Will Drafting

Beyond a mere document, a will encapsulates life's choices. We help craft wills that ensure assets are distributed as desired, reducing potential disputes.

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Estate Planning

Safeguard your future by strategically positioning your wealth, assuring protection and clear benefits for your heirs.

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Post a loss, we manage the probate intricacies, ensuring assets align with the will's wishes.

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Contested Wills

Disputes can emerge despite clarity. Our team defends the true intent of your will.

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Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

For potential incapacities, we designate trusted individuals to make key decisions for you.

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Trust Establishment & Management

Trusts serve specific purposes. We establish and manage them, ensuring correct asset use and legal compliance.

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Why do you choose Alstern Solicitors?

Profound Expertise: Navigating UK inheritance law requires depth and dedication. Our team embodies both, ensuring your directives are legally robust.

Transparent Communication: We believe in a collaborative approach. You’re always in the loop, understanding every step and its significance.

Comprehensive Support: Beyond legal guidance, we provide support at every stage, recognizing the importance of each decision you make.

A Legacy of Trust: Our reputation is built on trust and results. Numerous clients have entrusted us with their future planning, and we've consistently delivered clarity and peace of mind.

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Alstern Solicitors excelled in managing probate, conveyancing, and estate distribution with professionalism and care. I highly recommend them for quality legal services at great value.

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