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Family Law

The award-winning team at Alstern Solicitors offers expert advice and representation in Family Law, Child Care Arrangements, Cohabitation, and Divorce.

Alstern Solicitors |  Family Law Solicitors

Family Law

Navigating family's most crucial moments with compassion and expertise

Guiding families with empathy and expertise through the intricate maze of family law.

Navigating the complex world of family law requires not only legal expertise but also a deep understanding of the myriad emotional and practical challenges families face. At Alstern Solicitors, our team of esteemed family solicitors in London is unyieldingly dedicated to offering unparalleled family law services throughout the UK.

Our Client-Centric Approach

We recognise that every family has its distinct story and unique challenges. By placing our clients and their families at the heart of our services, we ensure our strategies are tailored to the intricacies of each case. Collaborating closely with families, we aim to solve family law disputes in a non-confrontational manner. This approach fosters an environment for developing long-term, workable solutions that cater to the best interests of all involved parties.

Divorce Matters

  • Adultery and Divorce

  • Agreed Divorce

  • Annulment

  • Contested Divorce

  • Civil Partnership Dissolution

  • Divorce Guide

  • Divorce Rights

  • Grounds for Divorce

  • Divorce Costs

  • Separation First Steps

  • General Family Law Matters

  • Mediation Support

  • Domestic Violence

  • Injunctions

  • Non-Molestation Orders

  • Occupation Orders 

Children's Law Matters

  • High Net Worth Divorce

  • Divorce and Postnuptial Agreement

  • Divorce and Prenuptial Agreement

  • Cohabitation Agreement

  • Cohabitation and Unmarried Partner

  • Divorce Finances

  • Divorce Financial Consent Orders

  • Freezing Orders

  • Maintenance and Child Support

  • Property and Divorce

  • Trusts and Divorce

  • Mediation Support and Financial Settlement

International Family Law Matters

  • International Adoption

  • International Children's Law

  • International Divorce

  • International Prenuptial Agreements

  • International Surrogacy Arrangements 

  • Mirror Orders 

  • All other Family and Immigration Law Matters 

Why Alstern Solicitors Stands Out in Family Law?

Depth of Expertise: Beyond our legal acumen, our attorneys continuously engage with the evolving landscape of family law, refining our strategies and ensuring we're always ahead of the curve.


Holistic Service Spectrum: From the intricacies of divorce and separation to nuanced child custody battles, our services encompass every facet of family law. We are equipped to handle the most straightforward to the most intricate cases, always aiming for the optimal outcome.


Unwavering Confidentiality: We hold the information you entrust us with in the strictest confidence, offering a safe and respectful environment to discuss sensitive matters.


Mediation & Alternative Resolutions: Recognising that court proceedings can be strenuous, we're proponents of alternative dispute resolution methods that can lead to more harmonious outcomes.

Family matters demand more than just legal expertise; they require empathy, understanding, and a keen sense of what's right. At Alstern Solicitors, our commitment is unwavering: to stand by your side and guide you through every legal challenge your family faces. Please get in touch with our friendly and proficient team today. You can reach us by phone at 0203 923 9188 or by email at

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Family Walking

Going through a divorce is never easy, but Alstern Solicitors made the process smoother than I could've imagined. Their expertise and compassionate approach truly made all the difference. Highly recommended.

Sarah M 2023
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